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14-85 Dental Spa

Our Philosophy

We believe that a smile should always be a source of happiness. That’s why in 14-85 Dental Spa we created a unique experience in Colombia: The Pleasant Dentistry.

Going to the dentist will not be again a source of anxiety, our dental treatments are always accompanied by relaxation therapies without additional cost, thereby improving pain tolerance and response procedures.

We also know that the stress level of some patients may be high, so in our clinic we have the ability of offering treatments in collaboration with leading anesthesiologists and thus provide to our patients different procedures that eliminate anxiety safely and comfortably through controlled sedation or general anesthesia.

We have experienced specialists in our dental clinic, so you can enjoy the most complete service in only one place.
Our goal at 14-85 Dental Spa is to make your dental treatment a pleasant and enjoyable experience to make you look and feel better.

We are one of the first mebers in Colombia of ISDAM
(International Society of Dental Anxiety Management)

Our Technology

We have cutting edge technology equipment to provide you with the latest scientific advances available in the market and thus ensure not only better results in the treatments, but a more pleasant experience.

Odontología Laser sin dolor en Bogotá

Laser Technology
Laser Epic X Biolase

At 14-85 Dental Spa we offer the latest laser technology always looking for the best benefits for our patients as it reduces pain and recovery time.

Aplicaciones del láser:

  • Remodelados de encía sin anestesia
  • Frenillectomias
  • Blanqueamiento dental sin sintomatología y menos sesiones
  • Tratamiento de dolor en la articulación temporo-mandibular
  • Regeneración de los nervios (facial, nevralgia del trigémino)
  • Terapias de dolor
  • Reducción del tiempo de cicatrización en herpes labial
  • Reducción de bolsas periodontales

CS 8100

With the advanced digital technology of the CS 8100, we can spend less time waiting for images and more time attending to our patients.

Desde imágenes panorámicas estándar hasta imágenes de aleta de mordida, ATM y de senos maxilares, el CS 8100 cubre todas las necesidades cotidianas en la consulta.

Device for anesthesia
without needle

We provide our patients with great tranquility and comfort.

El sistema de inyección sin aguja suministra medicamentos líquidos subcutáneos mediante la creación de una corriente de fluido muy estrecha, de alta velocidad que penetra en el tejido inyectando el anestésico.

The Wand®

The Wand® STA is a computer to administer anesthesia in dental patients that does not cause pain or discomfort

The speed and the pressure of the anesthetic fluid intake is now controlled by the computer, which thanks to its dynamic pressure sensor always takes it below the pain threshold. Replaces the traditional syringe for a much lighter, more precise and comfortable handpiece. Thanks to its controlled drip function it allows to generate a topical numbness located in the puncture area making it not feel.

Our Team of Work

Our Facilities

In 14-85 Dental Spa your comfort is our priority. So, we chose our location thinking of you, you’ll have public parking near you. Our facilities are designed in separate rooms for you to relax because we know how important your privacy is for you.

Our agreements

We innovate in dentistry being the first to be part of the Lifemiles program. For every dollar spent, we give you 1 Lifemile. You can also pay for your treatment with them by redeeming the corresponding Lifemiles