Complete crown

Coronas dentales en bogotá coronas en cerámica
Coronas dentales en bogotá coronas en cerámica

Ceramic crown
for a natural beauty

The ceramic crowns can replicate natural teeth almost perfectly as they match the color, translucency and the subtle nuances of each patient’s teeth. We work in alliance with one of the largest dental laboratories in Latin America where the crowns are manufactured through CAD-CAM technology with completely biocompatible materials.

Crowns are used when patients have teeth that are at risk of fracture or already fractured, severely worn teeth, teeth with damaged restorations or when there are teeth that require very large restorations.

Dental Crown

At 14-85 Dental Spa, we have high-quality allies, even while performing common aesthetic procedures such as dental crowns. Dental crowns are commonly used to replace a lost tooth or to restore and improve its shape.

Ceramic crowns can almost perfectly replace a natural tooth because they mimic the color, transparency and subtle nuances of each patient’s teeth.

why do you need
dental crown?

When a crown is cemented, it completely recovers the visible portion of the tooth remaining above the gum line

  • To protect from a tooth which is at risk of fractures
  • To restore a fractured or severely damaged tooth
  • For teeth with extensive restorations in resin and / or amalgam with little remaining tooth
  • As a support for a fixed bridge
  • For highly pigmented teeth or with inadequate shapes

State-of-the-art technology in the hands of experts

Types of dental crowns
at 14-85 Dental Spa

Free metal crowns

Within this group we find crowns in zirconium, alumina and lithium disilicate among others, these crowns are a breakthrough in modern dentistry and offer high aesthetics and durability.

They avoid the grayish coloration that sometimes occurs when using full metal crowns, they solve problems in fractured teeth, pigmented and with endodontic treatments.

After a diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan, the teeth are prepared, temporalized, then an impression is made and sent to the dental laboratory.

Thanks to the CAD-CAM technology of our allied laboratories, the final result of our crowns gives our patients a similarity in shape and color to their natural teeth, thus creating a complete harmony that makes them improve their confidence and self-esteem.

coronas sin metal en bogotá
Coronas en Metal y Porcelana

Porcelain metal crowns

At 14-85 Dental Spa together with our allied dental laboratories we use fully biocompatible metals in our crowns which will then be coated with ceramic.

After a diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan, our experts will explain the benefits of these crowns, such as their high strength and durability.

So, you will be sure to receive the best dental crown according to your aesthetics and your need, the tooth will be prepared, then an impression will be taken that will serve as a model to create your personalized crown, then it is temporalized and finally sent to the laboratory.

At your next appointment, your crown will be adjusted to ensure optimal functionality, throughout the process the 14-85 Dental Spa team will remain at your disposition to answer any questions you may have and provide you first level comfort and care.

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