¿Cuándo se necesita una endodoncia en Bogotá?

Endodontics Bogotá

Endodontics is the elimination of the nerve inside the root of the tooth. Through a specialized treatment, tooth extraction in many cases can be avoided.

Root canals are cleaned and disinfected by using high-tech instruments and then sealed with filler material. This way the root of the tooth is preserved and serves as a natural basis for quality teeth.

The nerve is fundamental in the stage of growth of the teeth; then it serves essentially to detect thermal sensations – cold or hot – in the teeth, it is not essential to have the live nerve in the formed tooth for proper functioning, but during the endodontics, adjacent blood vessels are also eliminated, and therefore the tooth become more fragile.

However, a tooth treated by endodontics can last a lifetime with proper hygiene and periodic visits to the dentist.

In contrast to the ¨Classic” root canal treatment,
modern endodontics achieve
a very high success rate.

Forget about traditional dentistry

When do we need root
canal treatment?

Endodontics in Bogota: The most common cause of the infection that leads to inflammation and necrosis is tooth decay but there are also other factors such as wear due to friction between the teeth or trauma. In 14-85 Dental Spa we offer specialized treatments, trying always to avoid tooth extraction and taking the maximum possible care in endodontics with our patients to minimize their treatments whenever it is possible.

With the use of high-tech instruments, the root canals are cleaned, disinfected and sealed with filler material, the root of the tooth is preserved and serves as a natural base for quality teeth.

The dentist who leads the practice of endodontics in Bogotá is Marcela Leyva. Marcela with more than 20 years of dental experience is very delicate with endodontic treatments since it is a treatment that requires patience and precision.

The professional experience makes the difference, and in our case allows patients to have pleasant and successful treatments. In 14-85 Dental Spa, you can relax thanks to our digital entertainment options while you are treated, we also perform a relaxation therapy, before, during and after endodontics intervention.

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