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To establish the terms and conditions for dental treatments, which are mentioned in the different types of media during the year 2018.


This policy applies for the dental procedures described below.


3.1.3 Specific cases

Dental Implants:

In 14-85 Dental Spa we offer dental implants from MIS, Straumann y Alpha Bio Tec approved by INVIMA, FDA and CE, with lifetime warranty from the provider. The cost, type of implant and rehabilitation (crown over implant) will be determined according to a prior evaluation and the specific condition of each patient.


They depend on a previous assessment which will determines what type of orthodontics is the most appropriate for the patient.

Laser dental Whitening:

According to a previous assessment, it will be determined if this treatment is suitable for the patient.

Relaxation messages:

They have no cost and are performed before, during or after dental treatment.

3.1.4 Firs evaluation:

What to except from your first evalutation:

  • Dental case history.
  • Dental caries (cavities) detection.
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease) detection.
  • Your dentist will also spend time talking with you to understand your dental concerns and goals.
  • Your dentist will help you identify the source of dental problems and help you design a design a treatment plan.
  • X-Rays are not included in the assessments. Our clinic has the necessary equipment if a dental X-ray is required.

For more information please call PBX phone 926148 or 321 294 7734 in Bogotá Colombia where a consultant will answer all your questions.

3.1.5 Without pain

All our attention is focused to have our patients feel more comfortable, reducing stress hormones, minimizing bad experiences and improving tolerance to pain and discomfort.

  • Anesthetic device without needle

14-85 Dental Spa is a pioneer in bringing this innovation to Colombia. This type of device allows excellent results, minimizing the sensation of pain when anesthetizing. It does not apply to some places in the oral cavity, particularly in lingual and palatal areas. The dentist will start with an evaluation at the time of your consultation. It may be necessary to supplement in certain cases with traditional anesthesia. Some patients report some sensitivity after the use of this device.

  • Controlled sedation

Sedation is administered intravenously and during the entire surgical procedure, the anesthesiologist will monitor the patient’s vital signs. Sedation causes a temporary amnesia; the patient can breathe on his own and respond to orders given by the treating dentist. Sedation seeks to reduce the patient’s anxiety, reduce the pain produced by the injection of the local anesthetic, and increase patient tolerance, especially in long-term procedures. It is also an option that avoids resorting to a general anesthesia with the risks that this entails. The anesthesiologist will inform you about the possible complications that the sedation technique could bring.

  • Laser technology

In 14-85 Dental Spa we offer you the latest laser technology always looking for the best benefits for our patients as it reduces pain and recovery time.

Laser applications:

  • Remodeling gums without anesthesia
  • Frenillectomia
  • Teeth whitening without symptoms and fewer sessions
  • Treatment of pain in the temporo-mandibular joint
  • Regeneration of the nerves (facial, trigeminal nevralgic)
  • Pain therapies
  • Reduction of healing time in cold sores
  • Reduction of periodontal pockets

Contraindications: we must know the patient’s clinical history before treatment. Be especially careful with general medical conditions, which may contraindicate local treatment. Such conditions may include allergy to local or topical anesthetics, cardiovascular diseases (including pacemakers and implantable defibrillators), lung diseases, disorders, bleeding disorders, sleep apnea or immune system deficiency or any medical condition or medication that may contraindicate the use of certain types of light / laser associated with this device.


Private transportation: Applies for treatments with an amount exceeding $ 2,000,0000.

Valid conditions only when processing and payment (more than $ 2,000,000) are made on the same day. Service available upon request of the patient and with a maximum of 1 round trip during treatment. Transportation service available in Bogotá, between downtown and 170 street, and between the circunvalar and carrera 53.

Our promotional offers cannot be accumulated with other promotions or products.



All credits, including Davivienda Lifemiles 14-85 Dental Spa credit card, are subject to credit studies by the corresponding financial entities

The Davivienda LifeMiles 14-85 Dental Spa card does not apply to:

  • Minors
  • Persons with an alien identification card
  • Beneficiaries, subsidiaries or sisben
  • People over 60 years old
  • People with debts with other financial entities
  • People with negative reports at risk centers