How to know if you need orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for diagnosing, preventing and correcting abnormalities of shape, position and function of dental structures, through the use and control of different types of devices.

Its main function is to correct teeth and bones that are positioned incorrectly.

How orthodontics works

After a radiographic, facial and dental analysis, an adequate diagnosis is obtained, and the best treatment alternative is planned. It consists in a broad search of strategies to modify the position of the teeth and jaws. It is usually done with devices called brackets, which are fixed to the teeth with wires from different materials and alloys.

Within the techniques of brackets used
we have the following alternatives

 MBT Brackets

Conventional bonding differs from the others, because elastics are used to hold the wire, which come in different colors which can be very flashy.

Self-ligating brackets

Its main characteristic is to have in the design of the bracket a sliding lid that holds the wire which allows the effect of the movement to be more constant and to reduce the treatment period.

Aesthetic Brackets

In general, they are made of polycrystalline sapphire or ceramic, materials that reproduce the color of the teeth and make the appliance not so noticeable. These are available in the two techniques previously mentioned.

Forget about traditional dentistry

Traditional braces Invisalign 
and Inman Aligner

Even a small misalignment of the teeth can strongly affect our smile. Through traditional braces, invisible and removable aligners “Invisalign” and Inman-Aligner, the teeth gently move into the correct position.

In 14-85 Dental Spa we offer the “Invisalign”, it is a plastic retainer custom-made specifically for your teeth which gradually move them toward the projected final position. You need to use it all day as possible (except for eating and brushing your teeth).

Ortodoncia Bogotá Experiencia Placentera

Live a pleasant experience
in the dentist

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the use of techniques to reduce stress in dental surgeries because in addition to the benefits of relaxation, these also contribute to improving your safety as a relaxed patient makes the dentist’s job easier, achieving thus faster treatments, with less risk of injuries.

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