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Diseño de Sonrisa en Bogotá

Why 14-85 Dental Spa?

In 14-85 Dental Spa we have modern equipment and technology which allow us to give you the smile design you want, considering the shape, color and size of the teeth according to your personality, your physical features and your occlusion.

Smile design is not a standard package, it depends on diagnosis of each patients, it starts from cleaning or whitening treatments, to reconstructions of teeth with resins and / or porcelain veneers.

A custom designed smile

A smile design is not only a technical work, but also an artistic work. It is critical to be in the hands of expert personnel like ours.

At 14-85 Dental Spa, we have a team of dentists who are specialized in smile design and oral rehabilitation. They are very experienced and can help you find the most harmonious smile design according to your facial expression. This way your smile design will fulfill your expectations and you will enjoy a lasting result. It is a long-term investment that in some cases literally changes people’s life.

  • We have the latest techniques for smile design and to provide you the best appearance of your teeth
  • Remember that at 14-85 Dental Spa you can relax thanks to our digital entertainment options, while your treatment is done
  • We perform a free relaxation therapy before any intervention
  • We offer the last and safe procedures to improve your smile, which can be done in a very short time

How do we do it at 14-85 Dental Spa?

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