Teeth Whitening

Odontología Laser sin dolor en Bogotá

When is tooth
whitening necessary?

Many habits and some food that we eat can impact the color of our teeth and make them less attractive, for example: cigarettes, some drinks like red wine, coffee or tea, can turn your teeth darker or yellowish.

In some cases, after a trauma, being after receiving a hit or after an accident, our teeth can become gray due to broken blood vessels within the tooth or to a bad reconstruction after the accident.

All these cases can affect negatively the aesthetics and harmony of our smile.

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that tries to adjust the color of impacted teeth, so that they can become clearer or whitener, and give you harmonious smile.

Dental whitening service so that your smile
always looks magnificent

At 14-85 Dental Spa we use laser technology, which reduce the risk of stains and sensitivity.

In all our treatments with our patients, we try to reduce as much as possible any sensation of pain or stress

Teeth whitening works on natural teeth, it has no effect on artificial restorations such as resins, crowns and veneers in porcelain, so it is possible that in certain cases it is necessary to adjust these restorations later so that they have the same color obtained with the whitening and wait a few days for the color to stabilize , then the case can be concluded.

Remember that at 14-85 Dental Spa, you can relax thanks to our digital entertainment options while you are treated.

blanqueamiento dental bogotá

We recommend performing a dental cleaning with prophylaxis and dental decalcification before
starting a whitening treatment, therefore the treatment will be more effective.

State-of-the-art technology in the hands of experts

A custom designed smile

With conventional methods, tooth whitening needed 3 or 4 sessions of approximately 30 minutes.

Thanks to the new laser technology, tooth whitening is much faster and produces better results.

Laser teeth whitening is usually performed for 1 or maximum 2 sessions of approximately 10 minutes (in most cases) to have the desired effect, which should ideally occur within a few days between each session, which does not occur with conventional methods.

The laser guarantees a lower sensitivity in the teeth during the treatment, but if this happens we will give you some advice to reduce it and thus you can successfully achieve the required result.

Once the teeth whitening is finished, we recommend waiting up to a year to perform a maintenance whitening.

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